Title: Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 1
Artist: Terrorrythmus
Release Date: 2014 June 06
Genre: Dub / House
License: CC BY-NC
Label: Yarn Audio


Last December I reviewed an extended single from Terrorythmus: Adaption Disorder. ¬†Now we have a collection of remixes based on the Adaption Disorder single. ¬†So, let’s check out the adaption remixing the disorder.

Adaption Remixing The Disorder

Since the original release was only three tracks, it makes sense to walk through the tracks and compare the remixes to the originals.

So the original track ’40h’ had a deep bassline, a medium tempo and sounded a bit like a drum-n-bass track at times. ¬†The remix by Crypticz focuses on changing the beats to a much more up tempo level. ¬†Also, the track is extended¬†to a five-minute track, instead of being under two minutes long.

The original ‘From The Hood’ track had this great booty bouncing groove to it, and¬†chopped up vocal samples and gunshots that added to the quirky nature of the percussion over the groove. ¬†In Crypticz hands the groove takes a back seat of a clap-track and thumping bass line, which makes the track sound even more ghetto than the original track. ¬† The odd thing is the gunshot sample is used a lot less, which makes the track less threatening than the original.

And finally, the main focus of these remixes: ‘Post Smack’. ¬†The original is built as a solid medium tempo piece around a series of vocals samples. ¬†It’s a quirky piece that is a lot of fun to listen to. ¬†In Machette’s hands, this becomes a slowed down dub track that is more focused on the rhythm track, while still maintaining many of the quirky samples. ¬† In Crypticz hands, like his other tracks, he focuses on turning the track into a more up-tempo piece. ¬†He’s more successful in maintaining many of the quirky elements of the original track. ¬†And finally, the Sideswipe remix turns the track into a more up-tempo dub mix, focused on drums and bass than on the vocal samples.


I said in my original review: “Sometimes I do like house / techno releases. This is the proof.” and I’ll stick by that for the remixes. ¬†Overall these are really good mixes that should fit well in most clubs. ¬†However, there is something that is lost in the remixes. ¬†Again, quoting my original review: “There is a bit of play with drum-n-bass style, and there is a lot of humor in the way a lot of the samples are sequenced and manipulated.”

The problem with these mixes is that the unique humorous element is lost more often than not. ¬†The remix of ‘From The Hood’ changes tempo, and groove of the original, and I found myself missing the original groove. ¬†The Crypticz remix of ‘Post Smack’ is probably the worst offender in this area as it loses most of the flavor of the original track in favor of a standard rhythm track.

While I don’t hate these tracks, I don’t really find them all that compelling. ¬†They aren’t the kind of thing that I will find in my playlists all that often, unless I’m hosting a house / dance party (which the last one of those I was even at…was…well, let’s just say it wasn’t in this millenia).

Terrorrythmus: Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 1

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Posted by George De Bruin