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Adventures from the Ocean of the Dead

Michelle Cross: Adventures from the Ocean of the Dead

Michelle Cross is a Chicago based composer, pianist and vocalist. Adventures from the Ocean of the Dead is her most ambitious release yet.

Voicetronics by Yan Terrien

Yan Terrien: Voicetronics

Voicetronics by Yan Terrien is a challenging work voical settings, and an extremely listenable work that you won’t be able to tear your ears away from.

Funkonami: Globetrotting EP

Funkonami: Globetrotting EP

One this release we turn to a more multi-culturally influenced mix of R&B with hip-hop breaks from Funkonami: Globetrotting.

Transparent Order In Cagey House

Cagey House: Transparent Order

The transparent order in Cagey House is the completion of a trifecta of releases this summer. But are they a single release, or are they three releases that are related to each other?

Adaption Remixing The Disorder

Terrorrythmus: Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 1

I reviewed Terrorythmus’s single last year: the Adaption Disorder single. Now let’s check out the adaption remixing the disorder.

The Secret Of The Angels

Joe Frawley (Rachel Rambach, vocals): Angel Boxes

The secret of the angels is found in energy of the collaboration between Joe Frawley and Rachel Rambach on this release.