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LĂ€rmschutz: Zweite Tafelmusik

LĂ€rmschutz: Zweite Tafelmusik

LĂ€rmschutz’s Zweite Tafelmusik is a work that challenges the Baroque definition Tafelmusik. It presents an new approach that is modern and challenging..

Bonfire Night: The Three Birds Conclusion

Talk Less, Say More: Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is the conclusion of Talk Less, Say More’s Three Birds album trilogy, and also the conclusion of Talk Less, Say More.

Czravan of Lightbulbs in Sp.Ace

Sp.Ace: Caravan of Lightbulbs

Sometimes I question what is supposed to be special about a release? The caravan of lightbulbs in Sp.Ace isn’t too mysterious in having a unique quality.

Smooth Rolling On The Autumn Tram

Various: Autumn Tram

Since I reviewed All Objects Lost, Tunguska releases have been a constant in my review queue. Today let’s go for some smooth rolling on the Autumn Tram.

Exploring Silas & Friends Soundscapes

Cousin Silas and Friends: Silas & Friends Volume 3

Exploring Silas and friends soundscapes is as daunting a task. But, it’s a pleasure to dive into a Cousin Silas release any day of the week.

Cover: Anitek - Lily

Anitek: Lily

Anitek stands out as DJ/Producer in the class of DJ Shadow, Kruder & Dorfmeister, an Thievery Corporation.