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Gumbel: Huracanado EP

Gumbel: Huracanado EP

Best way to summarize this release: difficult to listen to because it is a mixed bag.

Cover: Candlegravity - Junpei`

Candlegravity: Junpei

Junpei is based on the story of one student under Sean Crownover’s tutlage in Japan. It’s a heart-rending story told through deeply engaging and personal music.

Front Cover: Kris Roche - Be Love

Kris Roche: Be Love

I leave this review here for historical sake. Originally this album was released on Jamendo under a Creative Commons license. However, Kris has removed his works from Jamendo and no longer licenses them under Creative Commons.

Cover: Tardiss - Thisistar

Tardiss: Thisistar

Released: March 2013 Genre: Downtempo | Trip Hop Artist Country: USA Label: No-Source Catalog Number: NS066 License: CC BY-NC I can’t recall when I first heard of Tardiss. I do remember thinking that it must be Doctor Who related, even with […]

Talk Less, Say More: England Without Rain

Talk Less, Say More: England Without Rain

England Without Rain is an exceptional mix of post-modern electronic pop with an infusion of Japanese acoustic Koto.

Cover art for Japanese Rivers by Vlisa

Vlisa: Japanese Rivers

This may not be a CC licensed work, but holy cr*p is it worth listening to…and it’s still free (as in freedom).