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Is 2017 the year of CC music departures?

Is 2017 The Year of CC Music Departures?

Is 2017 the year of CC music departures? It appears a number of artists that I have come to admire over the five to ten years are hanging it up.

Ô-liostére: S-clave

Ô-liostére: S-clave

Ô-liostére is jazz ensemble from France that takes extreme joy in presenting works of outstanding technical ability, and infusing it with amazing energy that can be herd from start to finish in this release.

Rooftop Hacky Sack

Spiedkiks: Rooftop Hacky Sack

Spiedkiks breaks a two year silence with Rooftop Hacky Sack, a release that plays to their strengths, and makes a great summer fun release.

Sucu Music Netlabel Interview

The Sucu Music Netlabel was founded in 2013 in Enna, Italy by four artists with diverse backgrounds. On just before their 1st anniversary they chat with The CerebralRift about their releases, collaborating, Creative Commons and the future of netaudio.

10 CC Musicians To Follow: Amanda Palmer

10 CC Musicians To Follow

I’ve compiled a list of 10 CC musicians to follow, regardless of the size of their current following. I believe these musicians deserve more attention.

Why I Support Creative Commons, Part 2

Preserving the freedom of choice for the artist does not mean that they have to bypass compensation.