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Phaeton Chronicles Vol. 2

Various: Phaeton Chronicles Vol. 2

Phaeton Chronicles is A Tunguska Chillout that is very fitting for this time of year: alternating between chilled minimal and warm pop pieces.

Knowz and Darkside Chronicle Martians

Knowz and Darkside: The Martian Chronicle

When this release popped up on my radar recently, I know that I would have to listen to how Knowz and Darkside chronicle Martians.

Inhale Ashes At 419

Inhale Ashes: 419

Inhale Ashes at 419 is one such example of a release from Memory Format that is a challenge, as this review will discuss.

Downtempo Isostasy

MEDL4: Isostasy

This downtempo Isostasy is an interesting work that tries to achieve and organic balance that is difficult to concieve, much less pull off.

Angles and Backwards Words

xQz: Backwards Words

xQz is a 21 year old producer from the Ukraine who is always looking for new approaches, new angles and backwards words. It’s in the wide range of samples, chilled beats, and his perspective where xQz sets himself apart from many other producers in the downtempo game.

Mysterious Darkside of the Sequence

Darkside: Unknown Sequence

Ariel Romero is a prodigy of modern musical culture. On this release he takes us on a journey into the mysterious darkside of the sequence.