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Tigerberry: Cold Wave

Tigerberry: Cold Wave

Tigerberry: Cold Wave feels like a throwback to the late 1990’s or early 2000’s dark synth-pop electronic music.

adcBicycle: Malignant Cove

adcBicycle: Malignant Cove

adcBicycle: Malignant Cove is an interesting blend of analog electronics from the 70’s/80’s twisted into an emo/shoe-gaze style.

Devil Say Dance - Embers

Devil Say Dance: Embers

Devil Say Dance – Embers is the first full-length, full-burn release from the group I first heard on Foof Yourself Vol. 1. And they’re burning bright.

Pandacetamol's Fluffy Inside 3

Pandacetamol: Fluffy Inside 3

It’s dark, twisted, funky, and it’s definitely Pandacetamol’s Fluffy Inside 3. This is the most strange and interesting releases I’ve heard.

Ian Haygreen's Dark Yule

Ian Haygreen: Dark Yule

Ian Haygreen’s Dark Yule is the first holiday themed release from the ambient musician from Ridgewell, UK. This is the Goth version of the holidays.

Rotting Away: Grant Us Peace

D.N.P.: Rotting Away

D.N.P. stands for Dona Nobis Pacem (grant us peace), and is artist Chris Downing from Birmingham, UK. Rotting away: grant us peace to return to our past.