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Chasing Bronze Eye's Imperfect Past

Bronze Eye: Past Imperfect

When i was contacted by Bayshore Records to check out their most recent release it started me chasing Bronze Eye’s imperfect past.

The Madness That Lurks Within

Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves: The Madness That Lurks Within

I’ve been given an early Halloween present this year in the form of The Madness That Lurks Within, an audio interpretation of The Russian Sleep Experiment.

Birds With Blackest Hearts Fly Brokenkites

Brokenkites: Birds With Blackest Hearts

I liked Brokenkite’s old school synthesizer music when I first heard it last year. Now it’s time to find out if birds with blackest hearts fly Brokenkites.

Tunguska - Fits to a T

Various: T

This is my third Tunguska EMS review. Tunguska releases have incredible depth, range and diversity. Take this release as an example because it fits to a T.

Weldroid Cures Light Wounds

Weldroid: Cure Light Wounds

I haven’t written about either Kahvi Collective or Weldroid before. But with Weldroid Cures Light Wounds, it is time to talk about both of them.

The Twists of Jim Lace and Alex Nova

Jim Lace and Alex Nova: Twists

The twists of Jim Lace and Alex Nova are probably familiar to listeners of their former group Onyx System. After the breakup of Onyx System, Lace and Nova decided to see through the completion of seven tracks they had been working on during the Onyx System time.