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Algo's Acouasm

Algo: Acouasm

Algorhythms is a label I just discovered, thanks to Facebook (I think). I’m glad that I did find it. Algo’s Acousam immediately struck me as a perfect counter point to the François Couture release I reviewed last week.

Maxi Roots See No Light

Maxi Roots: See No Light

I thought it best to give Maxi Roots – See No Light a bit of light the day before it’s release rather than two days after. It also seems fitting to end the week the way I started it: with a dub release.

Corty: Darkophonie

Darvillers Ghost: Fake Polarity

This is the kind of recording that is almost a picture-perfect definition of dark ambient drone works.

Cover: Udarniy zeH - Cloning Mechanism

Udarniy zeH: Cloning Mechanism

Challenging recording to listen to. Not because of the material, but because the artist is taking advantage of the low end of the signal and dynamic ranges available in digital recordings.

Azoora: The Big Bang EP

Azoora: The Big Bang EP

The core duo of Paul Loader and John Purcell have written and arranged a dark, dense set of songs that make you want to dance through the abyss.