Title: Acouasm
: Algo
Release Date: Feb 10th, 2014
Genre: Dark IDM
License: CC BY-NC
Label: Algorhythms

Algorhythms is a label I just discovered, thanks to Facebook (at least I think that’s where I found it).  And, I’m glad that I did find it.  Algo’s Acouasm immediately struck me as a perfect counter point to the François Couture release I reviewed the last week.

The first thing that struck me as similar is the use of noise in the work.  Both works contain a lot of shaped and generated noises.  Both releases are heavily based on feedback. And, each release strives to drive the shaped noise into a form or structure.  However, there are quite a few things that are different between the recordings.

First, would be the techniques used: Couture used mixing desks to produce feedback that he manipulated through the controls.  Algo uses an amplifier circuit with resonant-spring contact microphones to create his sounds.

Couture’s work is a long form improvisation recorded direct to disc.  Algo’s works in short (under three-minute) compositions, using recorded elements from his sound generations manipulated into IDM / Electronic style compositions.

The overall effect of Algo’s work is to produce a series of pieces that are dark, mechanical, eerie and unsettling. This is a work that is easy to listen to.  Tracks like ‘Isoechoic’ sound like being stuck in a job around the industrial revolution, working in a factory with loud machines pounding in your head all the time.  While the track ‘CNX’ feels like something out of a horror / suspense movie, or a nightmare.  You can see someone running down a hallway, feel their pulse pounding in their veins, head turning from side to side with each little sound.

I’ll leave it up to the listener to decide what visuals go with the remaining two tracks on this release.  I am certain that listeners will be able to find their own visions and images that relate to these pieces.

My only qualm with this release is that I wish it were longer.  It’s obvious that Algo has a very focused creative vision, and the ability to explore and experiment in ways that many artists lack.  I hope there will be more of this type of work to explore from him in the future.  However, if the Algorhythms site is anything to go by, it may be a while (years?) before we hear another release.

Algo: Acouasm

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Posted by George De Bruin