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Firing Line

Firing Line: Round I

Firing Line: Round I – the first compilation of short reviews of singles and EP’s from around the netlabel world by Chris P.

Artists In Contractual Servitude

Artists In Contractual Servitude

Based on a couple of news stories I read last week, I realized that there is a perception of artists in contractual servitude that incorrectly has value.

CerebralRift CD Giveaway

Music, Money and the Internet

The recent spat over Spotify’s payouts has renewed a debate that some artists and listeners have been have regarding Music, Money and the Internet.

At Water’s Edge with Rebekkah Hilgraves

I’ve recently started listening to At Water’s Edge on stillstream.com, a weekly ambient music show hosted by the multi-talented Rebekkah Hilgraves.

Aural Films Fog Music Project

Aural Films Fog Music Project

The Aural Films Fog Music Project seeks to release 24hrs of music based on Fog as a theme. Recently Aural Films expanded this into a series of concerts.

Constantine Katsiris of Panospria

Constantine Katsiris of Panospria reminds us that running a netlabel isn’t always just about releasing music. It’s about supporting artists in more ways.