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Long Grind Aftermath

A Pair Of Post Cleanup Rants

During the rescue of The CerebralRift from the abyss of bad decisions, bad code, and neglect, I came across a couple things that irritated the bejeezus out of me.

Artists In Contractual Servitude

Artists In Contractual Servitude

Based on a couple of news stories I read last week, I realized that there is a perception of artists in contractual servitude that incorrectly has value.

CerebralRift CD Giveaway

Music, Money and the Internet

The recent spat over Spotify’s payouts has renewed a debate that some artists and listeners have been have regarding Music, Money and the Internet.

Swift Manipulation And Byrne’s Fire

Swift Manipulation And Byrne’s Fire: recent articles from both artists point to big issues with the music industry, and not with streaming services like Spotify. I tear apart these articles, and then state what artists should be thinking and doing now instead of waiting on that major label deal.

The Ghost of Mr. Agreeable

The Ghost of Mr. Agreeable

It’s rare to see a lot of buzz around a review of a new release. But, the ghost of Mr. Agreeable and his review has been everywhere this week.

Why I Support Creative Commons, Part 2

Preserving the freedom of choice for the artist does not mean that they have to bypass compensation.