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Interviews with musicians, artists, writers, podcasters, netlables, and anyone involved in supporting Open and Free Culture.

Michael Br├╝ckner Interview

This Michael Br├╝ckner interview is one of the most fun I’ve done in quite some time. Michael is a bit of a character, and exceptional “sonic story teller”. (Portrait by Aleksandra Przybylska-Kursa)

Rob Cosh Interview

This Rob Cosh interview covers a fair amount of territory: from his release on Magnatune, to what inspires him. Rob is an artist to keep your eyes on.

Constantine Katsiris of Panospria

Constantine Katsiris of Panospria reminds us that running a netlabel isn’t always just about releasing music. It’s about supporting artists in more ways.

Mystified by Mystified - Interview

Mystified by Mystified – Interview

I am mystified by Mystified, aka Thomas Park Jackson, the composer from Saint Lous, MO who has over 300 releases to his credit. While he downplays his production, he has found his work used in a PBS documentary and been written about by an artist and scholar interested in experimental works.

Interview: Weldroid Makes Robots Dance

Interview: Weldroid Makes Robots Dance

I know I have gushed over the way Weldroid makes robots dance before. I’ve mentioned that he was one of the artists that I discovered on the Kahvi Collective netlabel when I was first getting into Creative Commons music and netlabels. So, it’s no wonder that I am thrilled and honored to have been given the opportunity to do an interview with him.

Standing On The Edge: Cousin Silas Interview

Cousin Silas Interview: Standing On The Edge

This Cousin Silas interview was conducted as part of the run-up to the release of Sounds of Silas, and to promote the Mac Millan Cancer Trust fundraiser.