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Interviews with musicians, artists, writers, podcasters, netlables, and anyone involved in supporting Open and Free Culture.

Small Colin Interview

This Small Colin interview is one of the more interesting to me. Like many artists frustrated with the music industry, he’s turned to Creative Commons.

Music As Therapy: DJ Habett Interview

DJ Habett and I talk about music as therapy, defending Creative Commons Licenses, the amazing level of success he’s had online, and a lot more.

Sucu Music Netlabel Interview

The Sucu Music Netlabel was founded in 2013 in Enna, Italy by four artists with diverse backgrounds. On just before their 1st anniversary they chat with The CerebralRift about their releases, collaborating, Creative Commons and the future of netaudio.

Scott Lawlor Interview

Scott Lawlor Interview

Given how much I liked The Madness That Lurks Within (with Rebekkah Hillgraves), doing a Scott Lawlor interview only makes sense.

Little Smartphone Spiedkiks Interview

I first became aware of SPIEDKIKS last year with the release of “Take Off Your Makeup” on Rec72. I loved everything about the release, except for the final track. After publishing my review, Chris “Kik” Stark contacted me and explained that the last track was an homage to The Beastie Boys. I felt a little stupid — it made perfect sense. My only defense was I hadn’t listened to The Beastie Boys for several (10 or more) years. The Little Smartphone Spiedkiks interview was conducted recently, and offers interesting insights into the duo’s work, Creative Commons licensing, and more.

Bayshore Records Interview

This Bayshore Records interview is the second I recently conducted. I’m encouraged to see the concept and culture is making it to a new generation.