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Miss You EP

Various (aka The Aaahhchestra): Miss You EP

The Aaahhchestra produces a brilliant EP, but that’s not really the groups name. It’s more of a nickname a group of musicians gave themselves.

Why I Support Creative Commons, Part 1

Historically artists have had a conversation or dialogue with their works. Creative Commons upholds this critically necessary part of the artists rights.

SubmarineFM - Sonar & Wine Cover

Submarine FM: Sonar & Wine

Dub music from France? Why yes it is. And it’s worth listening to for it’s nautical theme, excellent production and overall good vibe.

Music Icon

Searching For Netlabels and Creative Commons Music

Last week I linked an article that listed seven resources for finding Creative Commons music on Twitter, G+, and Facebook.  It was a good article for a quick list of some sites to look at. […]

Cover: Anitek - Lily

Anitek: Lily

Anitek stands out as DJ/Producer in the class of DJ Shadow, Kruder & Dorfmeister, an Thievery Corporation.

Gumbel: Huracanado EP

Gumbel: Huracanado EP

Best way to summarize this release: difficult to listen to because it is a mixed bag.