TItle: Sonar & Wine
Artist: Submarine FM
Release Date: June, 2013
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label / Release Page: Maree Bass

[Note: It appears that this release isn’t completely available anymore…the Maree Bass website only has one track posted on SoundCloud, but there’s no download link for the whole release…¬† The website still notes their releases are under CC license, so this isn’t an automatic zero situation, or a retraction of the review…]

Dub music from France?  Why yes it is.  And if you have doubts that the French might have any skills in producing dub music, look no further than this release to prove yourself wrong.

However, this is not your typical dub release. ¬†You won’t find the typical Jamaican or¬†Rastafarian¬†references in this music. ¬†Which I think is a good thing. ¬†If Submarine FM had tried to emulate the roots of dub music, it would likely come across as being fake.

Instead, as the title implies, the artist has chosen his own theme. ¬†And it serves him well. ¬†It’s obvious this is subject matter that he has more than a little knowledge of, and is quite comfortable writing about. ¬†It might not be for everyone, but if you have more than a passing interest in nautical subjects, then you will likely find this release entertaining.

The opening track is¬†Sarracenia¬†after the¬†carnivorous¬†trumpet pitcher plants known for eating flies and other insects. ¬†This was somewhat confusing to me at first, given the name Submarine FM and the release name ‘Sonar and Wine’ both which suggest a highly nautical theme. ¬†However, it makes some more sense when listening to the Siren’s song at the beginning of the track, and thinking of a siren as a mythical creature that lures sea-faring men to their death. ¬†So, it’s not too much of a strain to link the insect killing plants with a nautical myth / legend.

And that’s just the beginning of the release. ¬†There’s still three more tracks of dub to entertain the listener’s mind and feet. ¬†Each track picking a particular subject and weaving a well themed tune around it as a subject. ¬†Another nautically themed tune is¬†Scaphandre, or diving suit.

This is a well produced released. ¬†The theme and concept are well realized in songs that a nice dancing tracks, or relaxing tracks. ¬†Lots of thumping bass, and some light “wubs” for the dub-step fans in the audience. ¬†(In fact that makes this release unique in my recent listening: most of the time dub-step influences tend to take over recordings, and become annoying rather than the enhancement they could be.)

Overall a very solid release for the dub fan. ¬†And something that is likely to stay in your playlist for a while if you like dub music, or have a passing interest in nautical subjects. ¬†Even if you don’t have an interest in nautical subjects, you might still like this release. ¬†Give it a try.

Submarine FM: Sonar & Wine





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Posted by George De Bruin