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IIII/IIII Explorer

IIII/IIII: Explorer

IIII/IIII Explorer isn’t exactly a shining piece of work: it’s simple, somewhat nondescript and rather plain. And yet I like it for those reasons.

Professor Kliq: The Scientific Method Vol III

Professor Kliq: The Scientific Method Vol III

Professor Kliq; The Scientific Method Vol III marks the long awaited sequel to the first two volumes in the series. It’s amazing to think about all the things that have changed between the first volume from 2004, and where Mike Else (aka Porofessor Kliq) is now.

Meanwhile in Leprottoland

LPR8: Leprottoland

Meanwhile in Leprottoland LPR8 has produced a really fun electronic release that I should have brought you a lot sooner.

Stark's Pond Origin - Review

Stark’s Pond: Origin

Stark’s Pond Origin is the first release from United Studios Corporation to be reviewed here. It’s a bright, bouncy release that mixes old and new well.

Circle Of Squares - Review

Circle Of Squares: Circle Of Squares

My recent excursion of Fwonk*’s BandCamp site turned up Circle of Squares. As usual I didn’t know what to expect – with Fwonk* anything is possible.

Interview: Weldroid Makes Robots Dance

Interview: Weldroid Makes Robots Dance

I know I have gushed over the way Weldroid makes robots dance before. I’ve mentioned that he was one of the artists that I discovered on the Kahvi Collective netlabel when I was first getting into Creative Commons music and netlabels. So, it’s no wonder that I am thrilled and honored to have been given the opportunity to do an interview with him.