Title: Leprottoland
Artist: LPR8
Release Date: 2014 Jan 11
Genre: Electro / Funk
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Sostanze Records


This may be my biggest miss of the year.  I have been off looking at other labels, and listening to all sorts of music this year.  Meanwhile in Leprottoland LPR8 has produced a really fun electronic release that I should have brought you a lot sooner.

Meanwhile in Leprottoland

LPR8 hasn’t released any free music since 2010, something that he seeks to correct with this release.  And what a correction it is: six new tracks, and three remixes that spit out all sorts of energy from beginning to end.

Leprottoland is all about speed, bounce, freedom and hares.  In the words of LPR8:

Leprottoland is born from the need to create a record full of conscience and soul. A fruit salad of right ideas and correct principles, a land populated by friends and small hares happy to jump without prejudices.

This release starts with a track that sets the tone of the release perfectly: ‘F.E.E.L.F.R.E.E.’  This bouncy, funky piece easily ranks up there with the best tracks from Professor Kliq.  The energy of this track is infectious.  It bounces all over the place like a rabbit on the loose, making you want to dance.

‘Forced to Sin to Make a Livin” takes things in a new direction, juxtaposing quotes from someone saying “you can’t stop progress” and someone else saying “forced to sin to make a livin'” over a darker more dubstep style music track. This is the kind of conscience that LPR8 refers to in his release notes.  The idea that in order to have progress someone has to sin to survive is one of those struggles that many of us are faced with on a daily basis.

Things take a bit of a turn with ‘Musique Politique’, which is more of a straight up, bangin’ dance track than the previous tracks.  It still maintains a bit of the dubstep style, but only a small bit.  But the funk is back in ‘O.K. (feat. LA MATTANZA)’.

The remixes round out this release by providing two different takes on LPR8’s ‘DAS ES!’, and LPR8’s take on ‘Re_Synth’ by Re:Set (from Re:Set – Resynthformation).


As I said at the beginning, I should have brought this release to The ‘Rift a lot sooner.  It’s a fun, bouncy, energetic release with just the right touches of social commentary and conscience for me.  It leans too heavily on the dubstep style in places.  But overall this is just a fun work worth the listening and the dancing.  Here’s hoping that LPR8 makes a more regular habit of releasing music through Sostanze records in the future.

LPR8: Leprottoland

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