Title: The Scientific Method Vol III
Artist: Professor Kliq
Release Date: 2015 June 24
Genre: Electronic Jazz / Funk
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Self-Release


Professor Kliq: The Scientific Method Vol III marks the long awaited sequel to the first two volumes in the Scientific Method series. ¬†It’s amazing to think about all the things that have changed between the first volume from 2004, and where Mike Else (aka Porofessor Kliq) is now.

Professor Kliq: The Scientific Method Vol III

It’s been seven years¬†between the second and third volumes of The Scientific Method. Volume II was subtitled “Experiments In Sound & Perspective” and used a lot of production magic to perform audio gymnastics that gave the release a feeling of film style panorama that won me as an instant fan of Professor Kliq’s work.

Since that work Professor Kliq has not relied on such production techniques in providing segue’s between the tracks on his releases. ¬†However, that doesn’t mean that he’s lost the production techniques. Instead he has focused them on the internal structure of his music. ¬†This has paid dividends with tracks like “Bust This Bust That”, “All Control”, and “Shifting Focus”.which are some of his best recognized fast paced, dance oriented tracks.

On The Scientific Method Vol III, Professor Kliq starts out with a similar high-octane dance track: Bayreuth. ¬†It’s an interesting choice of title, as the Bavarian city is best known world-wide for it’s annual Opera Festival. ¬†But, it’s that strong musical connection that makes it appropriate as well: it seems to be Kliq’s way of paying honor to the city, but also marking how the times and music styles have changed. ¬†Not that I expect many people to take note of this given the infectious groove that will make you want to jump out of your seat.

Another song that will move you on this release is KCGX, which starts off slow like you are waking from a dream, and slowly builds on a beat until the groove comes in and starts bringing the funk to the foreground. ¬†It’s not long before you will be bopping along in your chair. ¬†This leads into another great funk filled track: Kevin Hopkins Band.¬†For me, some of the most rewarding work on this release comes in the form of some of the more down-tempo jazz-infused¬†tracks, like Cove Landing.

This album is a reflection of where Mike Else has moved as an artist.  He is expanding his range into more jazzy, down-tempo music, while still keeping the funk, big beats and dance sound that has marked his work for the past nine years.


This is the fourteenth release from Professor Kliq. ¬†Quite an amazing accomplishment for an artist to achieve in just eleven years. ¬†Over the years, the music of Professor Kliq has grown from it’s trip-hop / down-tempo roots into a more aggressive big beat dance style. ¬†Now the down-tempo elements are re-emerging, infused with the jazz style he found on¬†Teragraph in a way that is even more persuasive. ¬†It is a document of his journeys, but also celebrates his love of where he lives (in particular on the song Lakeview East).

With this latest release Professor Kliq has turned things up again.  He is still an artist that you can count on to lift your spirits and make you want to dance.  But he is also inviting you to explore the world, catch a breath and really enjoy the things that are around you.  Finding a balance between living your life to the fullest, and being able to take the time to appreciate it is a balance that many struggle to find.  Fortunately for us, we have Professor Kliq to show us the way.

Professor Kliq: The Scientific Method Vol III

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Posted by George De Bruin