Netlabel Day Recap on Music Manumit

I was asked by Doug of Music Manumit if I would like to be interviewed about Netlabel Day 2015.

We discuss quite a few topics that are relevant to both the Netlabel Day event, and Netlabels in general:  Some of the topics we talk about:

  • The history of Netlabels and the DemoScene.
  • The reason for choosing July 14th for the event.
  • The choices of licensing by different labels.
  • The geographic locations of the labels that participated in the event this year.
  • The “exclusivity” of artists working with various labels.
  • The aspect of the commercial side of some netlabels.

One of the things that we forgot to do is mention the Netlabel Day website URL.

This was a really wide-ranging interview, and a lot of this really pulls on my own perspectives and opinions.  I can’t claim to be the sole possessor of all knowledge regarding netlabels, so I always am interested in hearing and reading other perspectives.

However, I hope this interview does the job it was intended to do: open the door a little more into what is happening with netlabels.  Where they fit in this world. and why they are important.  I think it’s one of the best things we can do to promote what we believe in wherever and whenever possible, using any available resources.

This is one of those cases.  If, and I hope it’s true, that even 2 people learn something about Netlabels, or get excited about the Netlabel Day event, then I’ve done my job.

In The Future…

Hopefully next year will be different.  Now that I know about the event and can do some planning for it, I have a host of ideas that I want to contribute to the group, and some things that I want to step up and offer my help and support with.  I want to be become more directly involved with event, and even have a plan to offer something as a tie-in to the event.

If you or someone you know is interested in helping with the event, I suggest contacting Manuel Silva via the Netlabel Day page on Facebook, that seems to be the best place to get ahold of him.

Posted by George De Bruin

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