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Firing Line

Firing Line: Round I

Firing Line: Round I – the first compilation of short reviews of singles and EP’s from around the netlabel world by Chris P.

Netlabel Day 2015

Netlabel Day Recap on Music Manumit

Netlabel Day Recap on Music Manumit: video of me being interviewed for Music Manumit’s extra series. Fun interview, and hopefully a bit informative.

Constantine Katsiris of Panospria

Constantine Katsiris of Panospria reminds us that running a netlabel isn’t always just about releasing music. It’s about supporting artists in more ways.

Sucu Music Netlabel Interview

The Sucu Music Netlabel was founded in 2013 in Enna, Italy by four artists with diverse backgrounds. On just before their 1st anniversary they chat with The CerebralRift about their releases, collaborating, Creative Commons and the future of netaudio.

Archaic Horizon Interview

When I found Archaic Horizon back in June, I resurrected the idea of doing interviews on The CerebralRift. Here is the first: the Archaic Horizon interview.

Exploring Silas & Friends Soundscapes

Cousin Silas and Friends: Silas & Friends Volume 3

Exploring Silas and friends soundscapes is as daunting a task. But, it’s a pleasure to dive into a Cousin Silas release any day of the week.