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Graphiqs Groove: graphicsgroove2009

Graphiqs Groove: graphiqsgroove 2009

When I started checking free music online, I found a ton of electronica, it’s easy and inexpensive to produce. How does graphiqsgroove 2009 rate? Read on…

Bielebny: Punxsutawney

Bielebny: Punxsutawney

I was concerned when I listened to the first track of the album…  “Nitro” was something of a jumbled mess to my ears that really didn’t go anywhere. I was left thinking, “sheesh, this might […]

Voland: With Us Music

Voland: With Us Music!

Okay, I have to say something up front: I can’t read Russian.  I can’t even phonetically pronounce any of the words, except maybe for “moo-see-ka”.  Oh, yeah, also the word “Hey!”.  But beyond that I […]

Space Weirdo: Cosmonaut

Space Weirdo: Cosmonaut

Where do I start with this album?  People think the Open Culture initiative cannot produce music that is at the same level as commercial releases. Well, if they wanted proof otherwise, I would point this […]

Cover: Northbound - Landscapes of Late

Northbound: Landscapes of Late

My first CC music review. Excellent jazz-pop from Northbound.