Title: Huracanado EP
Artist: Gumbel
Label: Self Released
Genre: Electronica
License: CC BY-NC-SA

I have had this release around for a while now, and haven’t been able to bring myself to a complete review ¬†because there are things about this release that I cannot completely explain. ¬†It’s not a question of getting the points across that I want to make, rather it’s¬†how I try to make those points that are important.

Gumbel is a musician from Spain that describes his music as experimental electronic IDM with a mixture of 8-bit and other styles.  This is an accurate description, and given my preference for electronic music forms it should be a no-brainer that this artist would be exactly the kind of thing that I look for.  The fact that Gumbel tries to experiment with form and structure within his work should make it even more appealing to me.

However, I find some of the music on this five track EP works nicely, while some doesn’t. ¬†And it seems when Gumbel tries to turn his hand to being more experimental, such as on the opening track¬†Porvenir I find myself getting lost in the layers of sounds that clash with each other, and I don’t hear a relationship between them that is agreeable.¬†Not all the tracks are bad though: Serotonina¬†and¬†Falsificacion Dermoestetica work well, for example.

And that seems to be the problem with this release some of the tracks I like, and some I don’t like. ¬†Or sometimes, I like parts of a track, and not other parts. ¬†And, the rub of this situation is, I have had a hard time listening to this release because it is something of a mixed bag.

I see where Gumbel has a newer release available, and is working on the soundtrack for a video game (the game itself doesn’t exist, only the soundtrack). ¬†I may, in the future, get a copy of his newer work and see if I like them any better. ¬†There really are some very strong parts to this work that I do like, but I can’t give it a full recommendation.

Gumbel: Huracanado EP




Posted by George De Bruin