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[Ed. Note: This article has been updated due to changes in website links.]

I’ve recently started listening to At Water’s Edge on RadioSpiral¬†, a weekly ambient music show hosted by the multi-talented Rebekkah Hilgraves. ¬†While the show is a bit outside of my typical listening, I have found there is a a lot to admire in the show, the host, the artists and participants. ¬†Let’s take this¬†opportunity to talk about this wonderful show that has quickly become part of my Saturday routine.

The Host: Rebekkah Hilgraves

As I hinted at in the introduction, Rebekkah is a multi-talented woman.  She is a classically trained Soprano, a voice-over artist, a broadcaster, the owner and operator of the RadHaus Studio, and the owner of SheTech and Company (a web design and hosting company).  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention is also a writer and performer.

The concept behind At Water’s Edge is, in Rebekkah’s own words:

The basic premise of the show is that music is everywhere, in everything: in the hum of a city, in the pulse of construction machinery or a heartbeat, in footsteps, in laughter, in breath, in the shuffling of an impatient audience‚Ķ and, like John Cage‚Äôs ‚ÄúFour minutes and thirty-three seconds‚ÄĚ, all you have to do is sit and listen.

Her ability to find the music in everything around us and bring it to our attention through her show is precisely what has drawn me in and keeps me listening from week to week.

The Show: At Water’s Edge

As mentioned before the show airs weekly on, Rebekkah also steams the show with visuals via LiveStream, and it is also available as a weekly podcast.  The LiveStream broadcast of the show has enabled Rebekkah to incorporate a multimedia element to her show.  Each show is built around a central theme, with an appropriate musical selection which is supplemented with images via LiveStream.

Examples of some recent shows include “The Price of War” which featured pieces by Wings of An Angel, Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, with photographs from¬†Marocco, Essaouira. Patricia Holland-Moritz. ¬†Another recent show was ‘Mixing Bowl’, the theme of the show was remixed works of Cousin Silas and Christopher Alvarado. To supplement the music, the LiveStream broadcast featured images of a series of multimedia paintings by Ade Hodges.

It’s the attention to detail that goes into the show that makes it stand out compared to the hundreds of other ambient music shows that inhabit the internet. ¬†Rebekkah has a way of framing, and interpreting the music that the artists put together that is nearly immeasurable. ¬†It’s no wonder that featured artists make it a point to stop in during the show and chat with the participants…which brings us to the next topic.

The Chat: Participants and Artists

During the live broadcast of the show the StillStream chat is an essential part of the preceding.  During the music portions of the show the chat will tend to cover a diverse range of topics: food, music, current events, weather, and artists projects.

Artists who stop in to chat during the show generally receive feedback when their works are being presented on the show.  They will often talk about what inspired their work, and any projects they are working on or planning for the future.

Rebekkah participates in the discussion and gathers a lot of the feedback and discussion among the participants and artists and incorporates it into the voice-over portions of the show to add another level of inclusion between the show itself and the listeners.

In Conclusion

It is an honor to get to talk with the artists involved in creating the works that Rebekkah presents on the show. ¬†And¬†the work Rebekkah puts into creating themes,¬†selecting works, and making the experience inclusive for the participants and the artists is exceptional. ¬†Rebekkah’s concept of finding the music that is all around us has been an inspiration for many listeners to her show, and to many of the artists she has worked with.

Posted by George De Bruin


  1. Great article George – I love CerebralRift for exposing me to things I haven’t heard about before – it’s a wonderful tool for discovery. Very much looking forward to catching Rebekkah’s show!


    1. Rob,

      Glad that you found the article interesting. Rebekkah’s show is wonderful. And, if you don’t want to wait for Saturday, you can always check out the podcast of a preivious episode.


  2. Rebekkah is a shining star amidst a pretty dark sky. I as well as many others are ought to thank her profoundly and humbly for her continuous support, positive reinforcement and overall exposure. She is an amazing person (and I don’t say such things lightly) as well as a genuine lover of atypical musical adventures. Personally speaking, I am very thankful for my friendship with Rebekkah.
    Thank you, George, for this spotlight feature and for enlightening the existence of this stupendous radio show.
    And thank you also for your own remarkable support of my life’s work.
    With Deepest Blessings,
    Wings of an Angel

    1. Thank you for the excellent work you produce. It’s the dedication, drive and passion of artists like you that make doing this site worthwhile. Knowing there are also people like Rebekkah supporting your work and bringing it to the attention of a wider audience helps me to know that there is a place for the work that I am doing.

      Cheers to you, Wings. May all of your work find an audience, and find a special place in people’s hearts.

  3. THANK YOU, George! What a lovely review. It’s a huge honor, thank you!

    1. No, the thanks go to you Rebekkah for supporting so many artists and being a catalyst for them and for helping them find a larger audience that appreciates all the work they do. Certainly the work you are doing will have a special place for many people for years and years to come.

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