Title: Past Imperfect
Artist: Bronze Eye
Release Date: 2014 May 30
Genre: Minimal Downtempo Acid Jazz
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Bayshore Records


Once again I’ve come across a new label, and instead of this just being a new discovery, this is actually a pretty new label.  Bayshore Records is about a year and a half old at this point.  They release music through BandCamp, SoundCloud and Sonic Squirrel.  When i was contacted by the label to check out their most recent release (which they are really excited about) it started me chasing Bronze Eye’s imperfect past.

Bronze Eye: Past Imperfect

The first thing that made a really strong impression on me was the minimalist dark organ jazz of the opening track ‘Chasing’.  It immediately set a tone for this release that I like more than many of the Acid Jazz productions I’ve heard over the past ten years or so.

This mood is kept through the second track, the exceptionally smooth ‘Doesn’t Look Quite Right’.  However, things are about to change with ‘No Form, No Sound’ which instead of a strong drum line, opts for a minimal set of loops and more glitchy / noise elements.

But this is the indicator that this isn’t a single dimensional release.  Bronze Eye is an artist that has the ability, or at least has had the interest in wandering around the musical landscape a bit.  Another track is much closer to techno / house type piece, while there is more glitch / noise to come as well.

The last couple of tracks return to the beats found on the opening tracks, but with a bit of a more experimental twist.  Bronze Eye mixes more abstract ambient and experimental elements from other tracks.  It’s a nice way to round out the listening experience and take things in a new direction.


What I enjoy about this release the most is that Bronze Eye presents himself as a three-dimensional artist.  He’s not standing still in any style or genre.  He’s moving between styles, and working on combining different elements  However I would say that I had the feeling that this was a work in progress.  It’s the start of an artist working towards something, but we don’t know what that something is because this is only part of the journey.  I’ll be interested in what we find after we have finishing chasing Bronze Eye’s imperfect past.

But, while Bronze Eye is working his way towards something, this release is a really strong first document of the journey.

Bronze Eye: Past Imperfect




Posted by George De Bruin