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Cover: Mr. Moods - The Nature Of Sounds

Mr. Moods: The Nature of Sounds

If it had been an artist of lesser capability, starting with the word “frogs” would have likely lead to me running away from this release.

Mported Flows - Three Pronged Fork

Mported Flows: Three Pronged Fork

Title: Three Pronged Fork (EPs: Advice / Master Plan) Artist: Mported Flows Genre: Trip-Hop Release Date: Sept 2013 License: CC BY-NC-ND Label: blocSonic Earlier this year blocSonic scored something of a coup with the release of The […]

Cover: Undogmatic - Undogmatism

Undogmatic: Undogmatism

Trying to answer the question: What The Fuck Happened to Hip-Hop?

Mista 93 - Temple Of Supremacy Cover

Mista 93: Temple Of Supremacy

I went on a bit of a philosophical journey while listening to this release about what makes a good or bad down-tempo release. This one is…well read on and find out…

Ninja Drinks Wine: Sink

Ninja Drinks Wine: Sink

A downtemp / chill release mixed with ambient flavors and lots of experimentation.

Cover: Horror Vacui by dustmotes

dustmotes: Horror Vacui

One might be tempted to think Horror Vacui is an experiment in collage: the process of pasting a bunch of pieces together from different sources.  And, to a degree it is, at least in the visual representation of the cover work. But it is more…