Title: 419
Artist: Inhale Ashes
Release Date: 2014 Oct 12
Genre: Electronic
License: CC BY-ND
Label: Memory Format


Memory Format is a label that has been around since 2006. Founded by Stefanos Kourtis, the label doesn’t seek to pigeonhole itself into a single style of music, however they try to not fall within the normal music genres that you can find on many labels.  Instead they prefer to release music that is “challenging”.  Inhale Ashes at 419 is one such example of a release that is a challenge.

Inhale Ashes At 419

When this relase opens it is tempting to think that you are going to be in for another downtempo, chilled release.  And, it does bear the hallmarks of that style, but with major differences.

First, the rhythm is chopped, and kind of glitchy.  All sorts of little artifacts and mechanical blips weave themselves into the pattern. It’s an atypical form of counterpoint within the drums that sets this music immediately apart.  Then there is the bass line that scratches it’s way along with the rhythm…  A purely electronic sound-effect turned into a musical accompaniment.  All of this riding along under an electric piano lead that gives the whole piece an R&B / jazzy feeling.

The whole release has this kind of laid back, quirky kind of feeling to it.  It’s the anticipation of the minute before 420, and mellow laid back feeling that goes down well with a god smoke.

This release maintains the “challenging” aspect of Memory Format’s releases by transformation.  Common every day sounds (like a cough, or a tapping of a piece of wood, or scratching) become intricate musical elements to these pieces.  There isn’t the overt sampling of other recordings in the music of Inhale Ashes, even when he uses samples of an accordion and saxophone in “Gipsy Curse” they are isolated, chopped up and re-imagined, not just the  slightly manipulated sounds of most downtempo these days.


This is a light, fun, jazzy release.  It is challenging and yet accessible.  Easy to listen to, but difficult to nail down every little piece of what Inhale Ashes is doing.  This is one of those releases that can appeal to downtempo and glitch listeners in equal measure.

Inhale Ashes: 419




Posted by George De Bruin