Artist: Yan Terrien
Title: Voicetronics
Release Date: 2015 Sept 12
Genre: Experimental Electronic
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: Sucu Music


What do Alain Robbe-Grillet, Michel Foucault, Guy Debord, Paul Nizan, and Boris Vian have in common? ¬†All of them are philosophers, and all of them are the focus of Voicetronics by Yan Terrien. ¬†This is a work that¬†is confounding, and yet you won’t be able to tear your ears away from.

Voicetronics by Yan Terrien

I almost get the feeling that the works on Voicetronics started as a series of experiments, or a study in techniques for voice manipulation and setting.  All of the tracks on this work have that kind of feeling to them.  However, when taken as a whole they do transcend such designation.

This is a work in which the spoken word of¬†ideas and thoughts from the philosophers are presented in a way in which allows the listener to¬†form their own experience with them. ¬†It’s an interesting, and unusual approach,¬†especially for the listener that is unfamiliar with the subject matter. ¬†And yet, somehow, familiarity with the¬†statements doesn’t make a difference. ¬†You can just listen to the voices as if they were another instrument in the musical settings.

Speaking of the music, that is another item that bears some talk. ¬†All of these works a minimal in nature, and yet have the feeling of being on the level of a pop tune. ¬†It’s as if The Beatles had “Love Me Do” transported into the future, infused with a bit of post Berlin School electronics, and then shot through a worm hole.

The overall effect is to make a work that is easily listenable, and yet totally alien. ¬†Pieces like “Bhalaad” just make you think that you have no clue what this is about. ¬†And yet “Kountz” is almost the opposite: a piece that takes a simple and very familiar idea and puts it in a different frame, making it both instantly understandable, and yet something that you have to think about to understand.


There is a lot of electronic music out there. ¬†Some of it more engaging, some of it less engaging. ¬†Some of it is designed to be a challenging dense mess that you have to struggle with to untangle. ¬†This is kind of the strangest of both worlds. ¬†It is highly engaging and extremely challenging electronic music. ¬†The simplicity and sparseness of the arrangements still convey the levels of depth and complexity that will challenge your mind for quite sometime. ¬†And now I think I need to start an expedition in search of a Yeti. (Listen to the last track for the answer to why…)

Yan Terrien: Voicetronics

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Posted by George De Bruin