Title: Out Of It
Artist: Brad Sucks
Release Date: 2008 Sept 8
Genre: Pop Rock
License: CC BY-SA
Label: Self-Release / Jamendo


These throwback reviews are designed to highlight releases that are still among my favorites even after years of being available. ¬†It’s a way of highlighting some music that I hope people will be interested in exploring if they missed it the first time around. ¬†Brad Sucks: Out Of It was actually a difficult choice for me. ¬†Why? ¬†it’s simple: I’m a bit of a fan. ¬†And, as a fan, I haven’t heard a release that I didn’t like from Brad Sucks yet.

Brad Sucks: Out Of It

So, how is it that I chose Out Of It over the other releases? ¬†Well, ¬†Guess Who’s A Mess was released in 2012, and I am making an effort to go for releases that have been around for at least 5 years. ¬†But the choice between Out Of It and I Don’t Know What I’m Doing was a more difficult one.

One of the reasons I chose it is because the infamous “sophomore curse” that many artists seem to suffer from. ¬†However, in the case of Brad Sucks, that curse is completely inapplicable. ¬†This release manages to do several things that artists often try to do: up their game, improve from one release to the next. ¬†And, Brad Sucks does that with this release.

Now, let’s add to that there are several songs that I have really come to love on this release. ¬†The opener “Dropping Out Of School” was my first exposure to Brad Sucks. ¬†And that happened by way of a podcast. ¬†Some linux geeks in the UK used to use this song as the opening music for their show. ¬†It made such an impression on me that I sought out the song, and found the wonder of Brad Sucks work.

Then there is an element to this release that I feel is overlooked frequently: a bit of an edge to the music and a willingness to change up the texture and style from track to track that seems to flow effortlessly. ¬†I know most musicians don’t like being compared to each other, however this ability reminds me a of Beck around the time of his Odelay release. ¬†But what is really cool is even with the change in textures from track to track this release is still a cohesive whole. ¬†It doesn’t suffer from the fragmentation that some artists¬†encounter when trying to reach further.

And of course, there is the lyrics.  Back to Dropping Out of School, who would write a couplet like this:

stomach’s turning books are burning
i found better things than learning

That’s the kind of writing that mixes a couple of things together that are quite interesting: censorship (book burning) with ignorance (better things than learning). ¬†It’s an interesting perspective on what it was like to go to school, and more of what it was like to cut class. ¬†And consider the unique perspective of this passage from Fake It:

is it so hard to fake it
is it so hard to fake it
is it so hard to take your own advice
is it so hard


This is my hope: that people will listen to the music of Brad Sucks and not just write it off as a light bit of entertainment. ¬†Yes, his work is quite entertaining (there’s many more examples than I am writing about here, I don’t want to spoil the fun for listeners). But there is so much more to Brad Sucks: he has built a community for his music, he allows people to freely remix his work, he provides the full source for all of his tracks, and he supports and works with ccMixter. ¬†He has taken the mantle of Creative Commons to a level that is beyond admirable: he is one of the top advocates of this whole new crazy world, and we need to encourage more artists to be like him.

Brad Sucks: Out Of It

$10.00 USD / Free




  • Self Release is $10 USD
  • Jamendo release is free / commercial license

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  1. One of the first legally free albums I discovered! #memories

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