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Software of Seagulls: Sunrise Industry

Software of Seagulls: Sunrise Industry

Software of Seagulls: Sunrise Industry immediately reminded of a release from nine years ago, only it takes the next step. Read on to find out why.

Miracle Rebirth of Helaku

Helaku: Miracle Rebirth

The Miracle Rebirth of Helaku is in the way he takes samples and mashes them up. He is taking the familiar and making it different while still maintaining enough of the original familiarity.

Corwin Trails Lead Back To 1993

Corwin Trails: ’93 EP

The Corwin Trails lead back to 1993 for an exploration of memories and a bit of nostalgia through a series of vignettes,

Adaption Remixing The Disorder

Terrorrythmus: Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 1

I reviewed Terrorythmus’s single last year: the Adaption Disorder single. Now let’s check out the adaption remixing the disorder.

Subjectjazz's Dirty Quartet

Subjectjazz Records: The Dirty Quartet EP

Listening to Subjectjazz’s Dirty Quartet made me start asking questions about down-tempo jazz and producers. What is wrong with it? What needs to change?

Schlang's Information Deposits

Schlang: Little Information Deposits

Schlang’s information deposits has been described as “…knitting time into a sweater and lighting it on fire” which isn’t far from the truth.