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Mark Ward's Rampant Regardant

Mark Ward: Rampant Regardant

Mark Ward’s Rampant Regardant is a work that regards the past and is pushing the attack forward. A work that seeks, and finds a new direction.

Bratenschneider's The Edge EP

Bratenschneider: The Edge EP

Bratenschneider’s The Edge EP sounded like a good idea to me: minimal techno music with a fusion of psychedelic style. Sign me up, right? Right?

Amplitude by Mark Meino

Mark Meino: Amplitude

Amplitude by Mark Meino surprised and possibly changed my expectations for techno music. And that is not an easy accomplishment.

Christopher Rave: Peak

Christopher Rave: Peak

Christopher Rave is a DJ from Sheffield who has been getting a lot of work in the area. Let’s talk about Christopher Rave: Peak in a bit more detail.

S4DNESS - Violence

S4DNESS: Violence

There are claims about S4DNESS – Violence that I just don’t buy. Like calling it “experimental” or the whole “Witch House” micro-genre.

The Call and Response of Rusticity

Rusticity: Call and Response

The Call and Response of Rusticity was born of the collaboration of 3dtorus and Nystada. Is it really a call and response,. or is it something else?