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Adaption Remixing The Disorder

Terrorrythmus: Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 1

I reviewed Terrorythmus’s single last year: the Adaption Disorder single. Now let’s check out the adaption remixing the disorder.

Rmine's Panopticon

Rmine: Panopticon EP

Rmine’s Panopticon is a display piece different styles of electronic music. It makes for a nice retreat from most of the noisy electronic music of today.

Amwen in the Siberian Jungle

Various: Siberian Jungle Volume 5

Hearing the Amen in the Siberian Jungle makes my love for Jungle / Drum-n-Bass music even stronger. This is one of those releases well worth listening to.

Re;set That Synthformation

Re:set: Resynthformation

Given the dubstep, house and techno parts of this release it must be time for me to Re:set that synthformation in order to review it.

The Fingerprint of Graindeur

Fingerprint: Delusions Of Graindeur

This recording was conceived as part of a masters thesis on granular synthesis, as such, the fingerprint of graindeur is all over this EP.

Brk's Dub Conversions EP

Brk: Conversion EP

Brk’s dub conversions make an excellent addition to the Sonux (now Otium) catalog.