Title: Resynthformation
: Re:set
Release Date: 21 march 2014
Genre: Electronica / Dubstep
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: Sostanze Records

[Ed Note: Sostanze records has migrated to BandCamp, but didn’t carry all of their releases over…  So, I’ve linked to this release on Internet Archive and CCTrax below. It is still Creative Commons licensed.]

Okay, so this release encompasses several things that I don’t like in modern electronic music, namely dubstep, house and techno styles.  So, for me to take this release under my wing for review, it must be time to Re:set that synthformation.

The Surprise

When i started listening to this release, it really had the feel of a modern electronic IDM style of work.  The opening segment of ‘Resynthformation’ sounded like something that Amon Tobin would have written.  Only when I got almost halfway into the track did I hear the tell-tale sounds of dubstep in the piece.  But, then again, the piece gave way back to an IDM piece.

So, I started thinking, this was going to be a bit different.  Not completely dubstep, but rather a hybrid-style work.  And that, I have to admit intrigued me.  My displeasure with dubstep isn’t in the style itself, it’s in the annoying persistence of it.  To my thoughts, it really isn’t its own style, but rather an outgrowth of modern electronic music styles.  It’s something that can be incorporated into works, but shouldn’t be the complete basis for the work.

Digging Further

So, as I listened to this release, I was more pleased with it.  It doesn’t follow the normal pattern of dubstep, ie, the intro and then drop followed by long, head pounding non-varying dubstep.

Instead this release takes more integrated approach.  The songs here have multiple sections, and follow a pattern of using re-statement of themes and developing them in minutely different directions.  Breaking up the dubstep elements with sections of house, techno or IDM styles.

Re:set That Synthformation

If this has been a strictly dubstep release, I would have been fairly disappointed.  However, this release is a start at bridging several styles of modern electronic music.  By themselves, most of these styles are marginally interesting, and more often annoying.

Re:set, however, has a  really good ear.  he has managed to merge styles, and make them into more musical compositions structurally.  This is the launch point for a new style of house, techno and dubstep to emerge.  It’s the kind of experimentation that is often missing in electronic music these days, or is only narrowly attempted by other artists.

Re:set: Resynthformation




Posted by George De Bruin


  1. WOW! Awesome review. Can we insert the link on our website? Thanks a lot!

  2. WOW! Awesome review. Can we insert the link on our website? Thanks a lot!

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