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1981's Nocturnal

1981: Nocturnal

1981’s Nocturnal is Downbeat Goodness — but is that all there is to this work? Or does it really make it’s own mark on the listener?

Christopher Rave: Peak

Christopher Rave: Peak

Christopher Rave is a DJ from Sheffield who has been getting a lot of work in the area. Let’s talk about Christopher Rave: Peak in a bit more detail.

S4DNESS - Violence

S4DNESS: Violence

There are claims about S4DNESS – Violence that I just don’t buy. Like calling it “experimental” or the whole “Witch House” micro-genre.

Adaption Remixing The Disorder

Terrorrythmus: Adaption Disorder Remixes Pt. 1

I reviewed Terrorythmus’s single last year: the Adaption Disorder single. Now let’s check out the adaption remixing the disorder.

Rmine's Panopticon

Rmine: Panopticon EP

Rmine’s Panopticon is a display piece different styles of electronic music. It makes for a nice retreat from most of the noisy electronic music of today.

Re;set That Synthformation

Re:set: Resynthformation

Given the dubstep, house and techno parts of this release it must be time for me to Re:set that synthformation in order to review it.