Title / Release Page: Sorbet For The Soul
Artist: Globular & Radioactive Sandwich
Release Date: 2013 March 02
Genre: Downtempo
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: Omnitropic / Ektoplazm / BandCamp


Today we have a refreshing surprise summer sorbet swirl of downtempo music, courtesy of Globular and Radioactive Sandwich. ¬†This is a release that is as refreshing as spending a day at the beach, or walking in the park. ¬†It’s like that long drink of water when you’ve been out in the hot summer sun for hours and hours.

Surprise Summer Sorbet Swirl

So, this was a bit of an experiment from Globular and Radioactive Sandwich.  Each had admired the work of the other, and knew that they wanted to work together on a project, the result of their desire to work together is this four track EP.  But, instead of just collaborating together by trading tracks back and forth the way many artists do, they came up with a unique twist for their collaboration.

The two of them selected a set of stems (sounds / samples) that they wanted to work with. ¬†They then went off and individually composed a track using the same set of stems. ¬†This resulted in ‘Lemon’ (by Globular) and ‘Mango’ (by Radioactive Sandwich). ¬†They then exchanged tracks, and re-interpreted each others work by mixing it with their own track. ¬†This resulted in ‘Lengo’ (Radioactive Sandwich’s re-interpretation of ‘Lemon’, mixing it with Mango), and ‘Mamon’ (Globular’s re-interpretation of ‘Mango’, mixing it with ‘Lemon’).

The result is greater than the sum of its parts, and transcends the composition of each of these artists.

Globular chose to center his track¬†around flamenco guitar, middle eastern vocals, and a smooth bass line. ¬†A very melodic approach to the music that is sustained over the percussive elements of the ‘Lemon’ track. ¬†Radioactive Sandwich chose to focus on electronic keyboard arpeggios, middle eastern percussion and vocals, and reggae style piano. This is a much more percussive focus to using the sounds for the ‘Mango’ track.

And then the reinterpreted works change things up: reinterpreting the melodic in a rhythmic setting and vice versa. ¬†The overall effect is quite a mind-bender of a psychedelic trip, and you don’t even need any drugs for this one. ¬†The sounds on this release reach heights that you can experience without leaving your chair.


This is a unique release. ¬†A perfect summer treat for your ears, mind and body. ¬†It’s like going on a mind-bending, perception expanding trip without leaving your chair. ¬†And, by the way, it only gets better when listening to these track with headphones… ¬†Which I definitely recommend you do the next you are at the beach, or go for a long walk.


(Note: you can download this release for free from Ektoplazm & Omnitropic. ¬†However, I¬†always recommend supporting the artists involved, so I’ve linked to Radioactive Sandwich’s BandCamp site so you can purchase a copy. ¬†Please support artists that are making releases available under a Creative Commons license whenever you can. ¬†It’s the best way to show them that we care about their music, and respect their choice to make their works available for people to share.)

Globular & Radioactive Sandwich: Sorbet For The Soul

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Posted by George De Bruin