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David Rinman: Minerals EP

David Rinman: Minerals EP

Time to turn attention back to modern instrumental music. This time with excellent David Rinman: Minerals EP from Dusted Wax Kingdom.

deeB's Day In A City

deeB: A Day In A City

deeB’s Day In A City kicks off 2015 with a chilled downtempo, blending samples and beats with tingling melodies perfect for a midnight walk through a city.

Nyctophiliac's Nyctophilia

Nyctophiliac: Nyctophilia

Nyctophiliac’s Nyctophilia may just be the soundtrack you are looking for in the middle of the night that you love so much.

Knowz and Darkside Chronicle Martians

Knowz and Darkside: The Martian Chronicle

When this release popped up on my radar recently, I know that I would have to listen to how Knowz and Darkside chronicle Martians.

Inhale Ashes At 419

Inhale Ashes: 419

Inhale Ashes at 419 is one such example of a release from Memory Format that is a challenge, as this review will discuss.

Dreams Caught by Lwpss

Lwpss: Dreams Caught

Dreams Caught by Lwpss is a new take on creating a series of theme and variations. The variations being produced by other artists remixing the tracks.