Title: Minerals EP
Artist: David Rinman
Release Date: 2014 Dec 22
Genre:  Instrumental Trip Hop
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: Dusted Wax Kingdom


Time to turn attention back to modern instrumental music.  This time with excellent David Rinman: Minerals EP from Dusted Wax Kingdom.  This is a release that will fit into any downtempo / trip-hop style mix that you might be putting together.

David Rinman: Minerals EP

David Rinman has produced an EP of tracks that are a bit darker and jazzy feeling, giving this EP a late night club or after-party feeling.

The release opens with ‘Skog’: a very open-air flute and electric piano set the mood for the slow groove that builds with the addition of drums and clarinet.  The feeling of being in a bar, or walking down a dark street at night pervades this piece.

Next up is ‘Humid’ – a misty and bouncing groove featuring vibes, saxophone and vocal that sounds as if it is drenched in a fog.  The saxophone line adds a counterpoint text to the vocal line making for a a nice Nighthawks At The Diner feeling.

‘Circadian’ beings a lilting electric piano riff over a solid beat punctuated by saxophone line that gives the feeling of motion, of looking for something in the middle of the night. Traversing through the arc of the night towards the dawn of the next day.

Finally, ‘Transition’ brings us to that new morning.  Organ with a drum-n-bass style percussion line sets the mood for the arrival of the sun.  Gone is the darkness of the night, and the shuffle and bustle of a city coming back to life greets us.  Punctuated by the awakening of a saxophone from the night before as the new day dawns.  TI’s the transition from night to day, from old to new.


This is one of those releases that I have a lot of fun listening to.  It may not be a full album length release, but each of the tracks is well produced and has a feeling of direction.  In this way it feels like a full release, while each track can stand on it’s own, put together they have more to offer.  That’s what makes for a good listening experience in my book.  Give it a try, add a few tracks from Minerals to you your trip hop / downtempo playlist.  You won’t be disappointed.

David Rinman: Minerals EP

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Posted by George De Bruin


  1. Great release and nice review sir as you pretty much hit the nail on the head. Skog and Transition are stand out tracks for me.

    1. Hey Sean,

      Thanks. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool release…definitely in the class downtempo / trip-hop style releases that I like quite a bit. Thanks for the comment.


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