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Cover: Horror Vacui by dustmotes

dustmotes: Horror Vacui

One might be tempted to think¬†Horror Vacui is an experiment in collage: the process of pasting a bunch of pieces together from different sources. ¬†And, to a degree it is, at least in the visual representation of the cover work. But it is more…

deeB: Through Nature EP

deeB: Thru Nature EP

Thru Nature is filled with laid-back, lush and evocative jazz samples that form the perfect ground in which to plant some trip-hot beats.

Cover: Anitek - Lily

Anitek: Lily

Anitek stands out as DJ/Producer in the class of DJ Shadow, Kruder & Dorfmeister, an Thievery Corporation.

Cover: Tardiss - Thisistar

Tardiss: Thisistar

Released:¬†March 2013 Genre:¬†Downtempo | Trip Hop Artist Country:¬†USA Label:¬†No-Source Catalog Number:¬†NS066 License:¬†CC BY-NC I can’t recall when I first heard of Tardiss. I do remember thinking that it must be Doctor Who related, even with […]