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Cosmic Replicant - Soul Of The Universe

Cosmic Replicant: Soul Of The Universe

After several previous label releases, Soul of The Universe by Cosmic Replicant is the first independent release for Pavel Shirshin.

Circle Of Squares - Review

Circle Of Squares: Circle Of Squares

My recent excursion of Fwonk*’s BandCamp site turned up Circle of Squares. As usual I didn’t know what to expect – with Fwonk* anything is possible.

Downtempo Isostasy

MEDL4: Isostasy

This downtempo Isostasy is an interesting work that tries to achieve and organic balance that is difficult to concieve, much less pull off.

DJ Racy A.J Prevails

DJ Racy A.J: Prevail

DJ Racy A.J Prevails and has managed to bring this release into the world despite the turmoil of the past year in the Ukraine.

Mo Junkie Mo Junk

Mo Junkie: 3^3

Sometimes the name an artist chooses for him or herself has ironic meanings that they don’t intend. In this case Mo Junkie means mo junk to me.

Angles and Backwards Words

xQz: Backwards Words

xQz is a 21 year old producer from the Ukraine who is always looking for new approaches, new angles and backwards words. It’s in the wide range of samples, chilled beats, and his perspective where xQz sets himself apart from many other producers in the downtempo game.