Title: Future Lounge
Artist: Guiliano Rodrigues
: March 2013
Genre: Dub-techno
Artist Country: Brazil
Label: Gleichtakt
Catalog Number: GTakt032
License: CC BY-NC-ND

Most Techno style music holds little charm or appeal for me. ¬†The large range of EDM styles of music are mostly programmed with a specific mindset for clubbing and dancing, and could be seen as more of an effort in programming sound than as an art form. ¬†I mean, really, how many modern dance songs of the techno or house styles are around for more than a year or two at most? ¬†Seriously, how many can you name (assuming you aren’t a DJ who is spinning these recordings all the time)? How many vocalists or singers from these songs can you name?

Now, don’t take these comments the wrong way. ¬†There is definitely a place for EDM in the club scene. ¬†It’s just not the type or style of sounds like I like to listen to at home, or while I am working.

So, it was with some trepidation that I approached a recording like¬†Future Lounge. ¬†The word “Techno” as part of the genre description sticks out like a sore thumb for me. ¬†But, the other part of the genre, the “Dub” part was attractive. ¬†And then I noticed the artwork and the touch of humor that is almost hidden in the cable running across the face of Guiliano (at least, I assume that is Guiliano).

But what about the music? ¬†Well, I can say that I like parts of it, and some parts I don’t like. ¬†The first track is really cool – nice blend of Techno and Dub styles. ¬†It doesn’t get boring for me at all. ¬†Even the more techno than dub second track,¬†Problematic Insects is still pretty good. ¬†Desenvolvimento¬†reinforces the dub nature of the tracks, with a slow jam that carries a nice groove to it. ¬†But¬†Nicotina and¬†128 Reasons are too techno for me, the minimalist instrumentation around the beats really don’t carry the songs for me. ¬†And if those two were disappointing for me,¬†Universe is a bigger disappointment, despite starting off extremely well.

That said, it’s about a fifty-fifty mix for me. ¬†Half the tracks I like, and half the tracks I don’t really care for. ¬†However, adding these tracks into a mix for a dance party, or playing in a club would work really well, especially with the dub element to break things up a bit between the EDM tracks.

(Note: Since the original publication of this review Gleichtakt has ceased operation.  All of the releases from the label have been made available by Deeptakt Records on SoundCloud in a single massive playlist.  The link to this playlist is included below.)

Giuliano Rodrigues: Future Lounge

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Posted by George De Bruin