Title: Battle Cat
Artist: Knight Call
Released March 2013
Genre Hip Hop | Abstract
Label Dystopiaq
Catalog Number dystopiaq038
License: CC BY-NC-ND

Using the¬†Masters of the Universe call of “battle cat” as part of the setting for a song is a worthy tribute to all things good and geeky in the cartoon and comic book world. ¬†But, the geek tendencies of¬†Knight Call don’t end there. ¬†On the very next track we are treated to a setting of a discussion of Hi-Fidelity audio equipment that is both humorous and somewhat cheesy by today’s standards. ¬†And that’s what makes the setting a lovely, affectionate tribute.

However, when stepping beyond the affectionate tributes, Knight Call really shows us what he is about: dark textures, tight beats, shifting drones, and even a little jungle  or glitch texture here and there just for good measure.

And that’s what makes this release work. ¬†It’s not stuffed into one genre. ¬†There are overall tones of trip-hop / hip-hop to the work on this recording, but the focus is always on the beat, and if using a different set of textures or tones works with the beat and the over all son,¬†Knight Call isn’t afraid of the experiment.

I do admit to one slight bit of confusion. ¬†Each track has a subtitle: The Power, The Sound, etc. ¬†The last of the is¬†The Rage, however, despite¬†multiple¬†listenings, I don’t get rage from the piece. ¬†All of the other subtitles work well for their pieces. ¬†But, I am still stumped by¬†The Rage. ¬†I guess I was expecting it to be something more like an epic battle sequence or something, but there is nothing in the track that even suggests a fight, much less rage.

But, setting that aside, this is a great release. ¬†One that I can find myself tossing in with a few other dub or trip-hop type releases and listening to all day. ¬†It’s the kind of dark, moody work that just fits sometimes.

Knight Call: Battle Cat




Posted by George De Bruin