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Napoleon Rigor Mortis: PEGI 18

Napoleon Rigor Mortis: PEGI 18

Napoleon Rigor Mortis: PEGI 18 is a release that has long overdue for review. Why? Well, I am not a gamer and I didn’t get this release until recently.

Metallic Jungle Of Frontcore

Frontcore * Frontcore

Rushing through the metallic jungle of Frontcore is like trying to run on a road into oncoming traffic with cars whizzing past, accelerators mashed down.

Amwen in the Siberian Jungle

Various: Siberian Jungle Volume 5

Hearing the Amen in the Siberian Jungle makes my love for Jungle / Drum-n-Bass music even stronger. This is one of those releases well worth listening to.

Chillin' Out With Tunguska

Various: Tunguska Chillout Grooves Vol. 11

Tunguska impresses me because I can be chillin’ out with Tunguska one minute, deep jungle groovin’ the next, and go in a different direction in the third.

Front Cover - Bengalfuel: Neely

Bengalfuel: Neely

On this release Bengalfuel explores the depths of ambient sounds with panoramic sweeping drones underpinned by jungle and electronic rhythm tracks.

John Ov3rblast: Yours Faithfully

John Ov3rblast: Yours Faithfully

Each piece on Yours Faithfully bears the hallmark of it’s own, distinct personality.