Artist: Napoleon Rigor Mortis
Title: PEGI 18
Release Date: 2014 July 4
Genre: Drum-n-Bass / Jungle / Dubstep
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: cOmaRecOrdz / BandCamp


Napoleon Rigor Mortis: PEGI 18 is a release that has long overdue for review.  It’s been sitting in my queue for several months.  I just never seemed to be able to find the time to write it up, or other projects took precedence over it.  Not to mention that there was something I didn’t get about it, as I’ll explain below.

Napoleon Rigor Mortis: PEGI 18

So, I am the first to freely admit that I am not a gamer.  It’s not that I don’t appreciate games, but I just don’t find time for them.  I am the kind of person that would rather spend his time listening to music and writing about it than I would sitting at a game console playing for hours on end. (I tried a few years back to get into playing on a PS3 only to find that I never really got into it.)

And that is part of the reason that this release has sat in my queue for so long.  I would listen to it, and I would think “Okay, this is cool drum and bass, dub, etc. but what am I missing?”  And, then there’s a fair portion of these tracks are Dubstep — not my favorite style of music to review.

But, I’ve come around on this release a bit.  Why?  Well, I understand the concept better, and that has lead to me appreciating the work a bit more.  The piece that I was missing was understanding what PEGI is.  Not being in Europe, I had no idea there was a Pan Europe Game Information site, or that they rated games in a similar manner to the way games and movies are rated here in the U.S.

Now I get it.  The idea of approaching many iconic video games, and coming up with songs based on them that are adult oriented is quite entertaining.  Fortunately, this work never goes as far as some of the anime or video game porn that’s floating around on the net these days.  But, it is interesting to hear these settings of music that is associated with video games, hearing them break out of their original context.  Quite fun actually


So, as I’ve said, I am not a big video game person.  I just haven’t been able to get into them, despite the fact that they look like a lot of fun.  I like that these songs take the ideas of the soundtracks of video games and re-contextualize them.  I can get into the drum and bass and jungle tracks a bit more than I can the dubstep tracks.  Although, I will say, I don’t find the dubstep tracks on this release nearly as annoying as I do most of the dubstep tracks I’ve heard.

So kudos to Napoleon Rigor Mortis: PEGI 18 is an interesting relaese, that can even get me listening to some dubstep without wanting to switch it off immediately.  That’s an accomplishment, especially for a release that I have a little less appreciation of the subject matter.

Napoleon Rigor Mortis: PEGI 18




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