Title: Locked EP
Artist: Zimbra Sound
Release Date: 19 April 2012
Genre: Techno / House
License: CC BY-SA
Release Label: Yarn Audio

Sometimes I do like house / techno releases. This is the proof.

Zimbra Sound is producing dance music in a similar manner to our earlier example: Terrorrythmus. And, in the same way, these tracks are fun, dance-able tunes whose only fault may be that they are a little to set into using styles and hooks that are well known.

But even that doesn’t really make a difference. Because these are just simply fun tracks to listen to. There is humor, there are good beats, interesting breaks, and a bit of the quirky to them.

And, after listening to all the Yarn Audio releases, I think that is very much the point: produce techno / house music that allows a little room for experimentation, while keeping things recognizable, light, and mildly humorous.

All in all, I have to say well done for both releases. They work well in a mix with other recordings to break things up, and I’m sure they would work well in a DJ set.

Zimbra Sound: Locked

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Posted by George De Bruin