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Oliostere: Circonflexe

Oliostere: Circonflexe

Oliostere: Circonflexe it’s all in the rhythm or polyrhythms. The next chapter after Dave Brubeck’s seminal Time Out reaches new levels.

IIII/IIII Explorer

IIII/IIII: Explorer

IIII/IIII Explorer isn’t exactly a shining piece of work: it’s simple, somewhat nondescript and rather plain. And yet I like it for those reasons.

Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk

Strategic Tape Reserve Staff: Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk

Efficient Processes for Synthetic Funk is supposed to be an attempt to recreate a cold-war era military experiment. Yup, you read that right.

Miracle Rebirth of Helaku

Helaku: Miracle Rebirth

The Miracle Rebirth of Helaku is in the way he takes samples and mashes them up. He is taking the familiar and making it different while still maintaining enough of the original familiarity.

Miss You EP

Various (aka The Aaahhchestra): Miss You EP

The Aaahhchestra produces a brilliant EP, but that’s not really the groups name. It’s more of a nickname a group of musicians gave themselves.

Jihel: Le Poubelloïde (Updated)

[Ed. Note: Review retracted: the artist has removed the Creative Commons license from this release. This is an automatic retraction with a rating of 0.]