Title: Le Poubelloïde
: Jihel

Release Date: 10 October 2003
Genre: Experimental Electronic / Film Music
License: CC BY-NC-ND
Label: Murmure Intemporel

[Ed. Note: Review retracted: the artist has removed the Creative Commons license from this release. This is an automatic retraction with a rating of 0.]

The first thing I thought when I saw the cover art for this release was: Doctor Who.  Anyone who saw the first Christopher Eccleston episode, ‘Rose’ is likely to remember the scene where Mickey is eaten by a Nestene masquerading as a dust bin.  The cover of Jihel – Le Poubelloïde image of a menacing trash can could very well have been the one from the Doctor Who episode.

But, it isn’t.  However, that doesn’t remove any of the fun of listening to this recording by Jean-Luc Hervé Berthelot, who is also the artist behind the Tales recording reviewed earlier today.  In fact, Berthelot records under several aliases: Arcane Waves , Elemental Noise , Elements Of Noise , Flying Species , and Zreen Toyz.  Each alias is for a different style / genre of music.

Unlike the previous recording, this is definitely more experimental using a diverse range of tonality and texture beyond the analog synthesizer sounds employed for Berthelot’s Tales recordings.  Yamaha DX-7 style digital Korg synthesizers (see note from JHLB below) produce a wide range of instruments: bright / punchy brass and strings, crunchy electric guitars, really nice acoustic guitars, harmonica, flutes and drums.  I’m not even certain that all of these sounds are being produced by synthesizer, some of them sound like the actual instruments to be sampled or synthesized (like the acoustic guitar and harmonica).

Given this is the soundtrack for a film I have not seen (and I can’t seem to locate via Google), I am intrigued about the concept behind it.  It seems that there is likely a campy, humorous side to the film.  And, the humor is reflected in some of the track titles, like ‘Garbage Opening’, ‘Murderous Trashcan’ and ‘Heroic Streetsweeper’.

I’ve had a lot of fun listening to this release.  And I would watch the movie if I could find it, just to see how the sound track fits in.

So, yet another recording that lives on with the Murmure Intemporel netlabel that would have been lost if it were not for the technology of the internet and Creative Commons.  It’s really wonderful to have this music available.  Even if this release is not quite your style, I highly recommend checking out the releases from Murmure Intemporel.  Berthelot records under many different styles, and there is likely to be something that you will like.  I know I have listened to quite a few releases that I like from this label.

A note from JHLB: About “Jihel – Le Poubelloïde”, all instruments and orchestral parts are real, and for synth parts I used a Korg Karma and a Korg Triton (don’t like Yamaha – question of taste only). Pianos are from my old Rhodes Mark I and my old acoustic Pleyel.

Jihel: Le Poubelloïde





  • Release No Longer Available Under CC License

Posted by George De Bruin