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The Next Peak Volume 1: Twin Peaks Tribute

The Next Peak Volume 1: Twin Peaks Tribute

The Next Peak Volume 1 is a retro synthesizer tribute to the music from Twin Peaks by Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch. Think Twin Peaks meets Miami Vice.

Silas In The Dying Lights

Cousin Silas: The Dying Lights

One of the more prolific ambient artists has been at it again. This time we have Cousin Silas in The Dying Lights up for consideration.

The Royal Treatment of VYVCH

VYVCH: The Royal Treatment

Getting the royal treatment of VYVCH in my ears seems to be continuing a trend that I’ve been on lately: listening to Russian electronic music.

Birds With Blackest Hearts Fly Brokenkites

Brokenkites: Birds With Blackest Hearts

I liked Brokenkite’s old school synthesizer music when I first heard it last year. Now it’s time to find out if birds with blackest hearts fly Brokenkites.

Re-Lab Re-Interprets Bach

Re-Lab: Bach BWV 1051

One of the things that remains the most interesting when it comes to classical music is the ability of musicians and artists throughout the ages to re-interpret pieces in ways the composer(s) would never have been able to conceive when they originally composed the works in the first place.

Ambelion - Waiting for Quarters

Ambelion: Waiting for Quarters

Ambelion – Waiting for Quarters: remastered 2005 release reveals an artist that has given a lot of thought to the substance and forms of electronic music.