Tag: Psytrance

Jekyll - Monkey Pig Dolphin

Jekyll: Monkey Pig Dolphin

Jekyll – Monkey Pig Dolphin takes on an exploration of the lighter side of progressive psytrance, and it’s quite mesmerizing.

Tomple2oon - Theta State

Tomple2oon: Theta State

Tomple2oon Brings Us To A Theta State in the latest project from Thompson Pierce, the 26 year old from Cairns Australia.

Saga is all About the Blank

Saga: About Blank

Saga is all about the blank on this release from No Qualms records. This is a hypnotic progressive trip that will keep your mind and body moving.

One Tasty Discretionary Divination

One Tasty Morsel: Discretionary Divination

I’ve somehow found my way into musical prankster territory this week. and this one tasty discretionary divination just adds to the fun pranks.

One Tasty Morsel: Vintage Variables

Time for a fun psytrance release with a touch of progressive and psychedelia thrown in for good measure. A really good listen, even for someone that normally isn’t into psytrance or progressive.