Title: Monkey Pig Dolphin
Artist: Jekyll
Release Date: 2015 March 03
Genre: Progressive Trance
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: No Qualms


There is a recurring theme that comes out of much EDM styles of music. ¬†Basically the idea is in finding one’s better self through connection with the earth and things that are around us. ¬†The music is used as a way to ascending consciousnesses in the pursuit of this goal. ¬†These ideas could get to be overbearing at times as some people seem to take themselves and the music too seriously. ¬†Fortunately, Jekyll – Monkey Pig Dolphin keeps things on the light side for us.

Jekyll: Monkey Pig Dolphin

One of the thing that always astounds me when listening to¬†a release like this is the way pop culture references are worked into the fabric of the piece. ¬†In this case¬†a good portion of the references come from an episode of the Rick and Morty cartoon. ¬†While¬†in some producers hands these kinds of samples might just be a way of targeting a portion of the audience for this work, in Jekyll’s hands they take on a different level of meaning.

From the opening of Delusional Waveform, we are introduced to the idea that this is a world that isn’t completely normal. ¬†There is something that seems to be a bit off. ¬†And, while everyone seems to be oblivious to the things that are¬†slightly out of place, at least one character is aware.

It’s the awareness of these flaws that is supposed to draw our attention to the quirky,¬†irregularities of the music. ¬†The way the rhythms are layered in odd meters, making for angular shifts and changes is the perfect example. ¬†Never mind there is a solid underlying beat, that’s the part that is supposed to make you think that the whole thing is normal.

Then there is the manipulation of some of the Rick and Morty samples, most notably Rick saying “Totes malotes, dawg.” ¬†The whole release is about altered perceptions, and layers on layers of reality, and breaking through to what is the real reality.


I have to say, the whole release is a fun listen. ¬†It’s something I found myself listening to over and over again in my car every morning and evening for more than a week… ¬†And with the amount of listening I do, it’s pretty surprising when a release manages to grab my attention in that way. ¬†All I can say is Jekyll: Monkey Pig Dolphin is a really fun release. ¬†And if you scratch the surface a bit, there is a bit more beneath the surface.

Jekyll: Monkey Pig Dolphin

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Posted by George De Bruin