Title: About Blank
Artist: Saga
Release Date: 2015 Jan 13
Genre: Progressive Electronica
License: CC BY-NC-SA
Label: No Qualms


Saga is all about the blank on this release from No Qualms records.  This is a hypnotic progressive trip that will mess with your mind and keep your body moving.

Saga is all About the Blank

This EP is filled with crunchy and chunky beats, twisting and warped melodies, and hard driving basslines to keep you moving non-stop.  Omer Yulevich (aka Entropy) produced this release as a side project.  And it is a hard driving little side project, showing that is a top-form master of Psytrance.

This release starts with “Gonna Swing” a grooving tune that sets the mood, shifting the beat several times, and re-inventing it’s mood and feeling along with way.  But even through the shifts, it’s the groove that keeps going.  And, when it reaches the penultimate form with the line “Everybody’s gonna swing” you realize that indeed that is what is happening.  It’s a tune that works for everyone, and it swings no matter where Saga has taken it on this journey.

“Too Far” starts off sounding almost like a glitch tune instead of a psytrance tune.  But, when the beats and bass really kick in it settles into a funky progressive grove.  But what is too far?  Well as it keeps going, it could be pushing you too far, to the edge of your set or the edge of your moves.  It’s a tune that you just can’t resist moving to.

We reach into the more philosophical domain with he track “What Is Life”.  This is a tune that haunts and is grooves.  And as Saga gathers momentum, we realize that it’s a question of our own experience as much as it is about the music itself.  It’s a question about what we experience through the music, about how we choose to spend our lives and about what we choose to do with our lives.

To cap off this release, Saga switches the groove up a bit with “Zoodelick”.  We get a little more worldly, with almost a hint of dubstep in the opening of the piece.


Despite my not being a huge fan of progressive electronica, this release manages to break the mold with a healthy infusion of pychedelic and world elements that make it an excellent grooving release.  Give it a spin, I bet you’ll find yourself grooving because Saga is All About the Blank.

Saga: About Blank

$7.00 AUD (or more)



Posted by George De Bruin